Automated vehicle monitoring system

"Full control over production processes is the key to success in any business. Modern automated vehicle monitoring systems enable the company's management to control their equipment, and the staff, in turn, knowing about such control, behaves more responsibly and strives to prevent violations."
Sergey Brinow
Deputy Director for Technical Affairs

The Stormica GPS monitoring system is intended for legal entities or individuals who, by the nature of their activity, need to track in real time the movement, refueling and fuel consumption of a large number of vehicles.

The system is based on browser-based software compatible with all modern browsers – Stormika v1.1, as well as monitoring versions of the GeoTracker application for Android and iOS for user convenience.

Data processing and storage is carried out on a server located in Frankfurt.

The program interface is based on Google Maps. The additional functionality required for work is called up by menu items on the left side of the user cabinet interface.

The beginning of work with the program is carried out through the “Login to the application” (specifying the username and entering the password), which excludes its unauthorized use or unwanted access to the data of third parties not admitted to confidential information.

System capabilities


Satellite GPS monitoring

vehicle movement monitoring

Modern GPS monitoring systems have both advantages and disadvantages. Having studied the capabilities of third-party GPS monitoring systems, we tried to collect all the most necessary and relevant tools in our product. The functionality developed by our specialists will be in demand by logistics managers, managers and owners of enterprises that have vehicles in their assets.


Fuel control

control of refueling and fuel consumption

One of the most important functions of the GPS monitoring system is the function of monitoring the remaining fuel. This function allows you to save up to 30-40% of funds allocated for fuel for cars. The functionality provided by us will allow the company’s management to clearly track refueling and fuel consumption. It should be noted that the functions of displaying the remaining fuel and turning on the ignition must be supported at the level of the autotracker circuitry.


Control over violations

control of violations on the route

This function automatically monitors speed violations and deviations from routes. You can specify the e-mail address to which the report-notification about violations will be sent, as well as the interval for analyzing events with violations.

In addition to high-speed violations, the report also indicates violations of the route of movement of vehicles.

Clicking on the line with violation will open a window with information about the car that violated the restriction, and will also display the location of the violation on the map.

Simple tracking option based on GT02a, GT06

Easy to use and install, the tracker will give you the opportunity to always know where and at what speed your car was driving, as well as to see in real time where it is now. The tracker is fully configured and ready to use on our server.


Tracking option based on Teltonika FMB125

FMB125 is a professional GPS tracker with internal high gain GSM antennas and external GNSS antennas, which collects its coordinates, fuel remaining, and other data and transmits them to the server via the GSM network. This device is ideal for locating remote objects in: fleets, car rental companies, taxis, logistics companies and so on. FMB125 performs engine monitoring, door control, etc.

– Bluetooth for external devices and low power consumption sensor
– Back-up battery allows you to work without external power supply
– 1-Wire for monitoring temperature data and RFID / iButton tags
– External GNSS antenna
– Dual SIM – will help to significantly reduce roaming costs
– Support for RS232 / RS485 interfaces

installation is possible on CAN bus or complete with fuel level sensor. The fuel level is read in both versions.

Fuel level sensor (FLS) RIVNEMIR / FLS-RS485

The fuel level sensor (FLS) “RIVNEMIR / FLS-RS485” has a standard length of 70 centimeters and is designed to continuously convert data on the fuel level (diesel / gasoline) in the vehicle tank into a highly stabilized information signal via the RS485 interface, and transmit it to the information processing device (controller / terminal GSM-GLONASS / GPS).

Technical support service 24/7

Our technical support service will assist you in any situation related to the work of the Stormica service.

We work online 24/7/365 days a year.

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Our technical equipment

Stormica system servers are located in a modern data center, provided with round-the-clock, uninterrupted Internet and reliable power supply.