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Monitoring Center

The program interface is based on Google Maps. The additional functionality required for work is called up using the menu on the left side of the program interface and is located in separate windows.

центр мониторинга

Weather informer

You can also analyze the weather conditions for the current and coming days when planning routes for the movement of vehicles.

Route List

You can create specific routes for the movement of vehicles for their subsequent assignment in specific tasks for vehicles.

This function allows you to control violations of the routes of movement of equipment.

список маршрутов
ограничения скорости

Speed limits

Our system allows you to indicate on the route map those zones in which there will be speed restrictions.

Drivers’ violations of these violations are recorded in the Stormica system and reported to the company management.


Previously created routes and speed limits are analyzed by Stormica and in case of violations, the company management is notified.

You can specify the notification e-mail address in the Stormica system user settings.

нарушения маршрутов
планирование заданий

Scheduling tasks

This function allows you to combine vehicles, a driver and a route within a single task.

As a result, you will be able to control the movement of equipment online, as well as monitor compliance with speed limits and the route of movement.

List of techniques

The “Vehicle List” function is designed to keep track of vehicles and auto trackers installed on them.

To add a new vehicle, you must click the “Add new vehicle” button, and then fill in the required fields. Optional fields can be filled in as needed.

Entering the machine into the database is initiated by pressing the “Save equipment parameters” button.

список техники
список водителей

List of drivers

You can keep a convenient record of drivers in the “List of drivers” window.

To add a new driver, you need to clear the form using the “Add new driver” button. It is also necessary to fill in all required fields, full name and date of birth of the driver.

As in the previous windows, to save a driver in the database, you must click the “Save driver” button.

Equipment list

To keep track of trailed equipment, such as trailers, tanks, etc., the “Equipment list” window has been created.
In the future, you can specify the equipment that is used with this or that technique in a specific task.

список оборудования
работа по дням

Work machines by day

For the implementation of convenient control and analysis of the work of machines on a daily basis, this function has been implemented.
In the table of machine operation by day, the work data for seven days is indicated, the interval of which can be selected in the drop-down calendar.

Machines running by the hour

This function provides a convenient accounting of the operating hours of the equipment, the distance traveled in a certain time.

If necessary, the pivot table can be displayed in an Excel table.

работа по часам
топливо по часам

Fuel consumption by hour

This function provides a convenient accounting of the operating hours of the equipment, the distance traveled and the fuel consumption for a certain time.

It should be noted that fuel drains are highlighted in red. This makes it possible to quickly identify the violation and instantly react to it.

Warehouse. Income - expense.

Our system will allow you to keep a convenient record of material assets and their movement within the enterprise.

Pivot tables can be exported to Excel.


Turnover sheet

An important function for accounting is the ability to automatically create a turnover sheet for the turnover of material assets for a selected period.

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